Cost-effective Rollover Protective Structures (CROPS)

Tractor-related Overturn Fatalities

The available data show that tractor overturns continue to occur. Between 2011-2018, 971 tractor-related fatalities occurred in agricultural production. These types of fatalities could be rollovers, entanglements, or falls.  Previous analyses have revealed that 45% of “tractor-related fatalities” in the US are due to tractor overturns. In Indiana, approximately 39% of all documented agricultural fatalities in 2015 involved an overturned tractor. In Ohio, tractor overturns accounted for 54% of all farm deaths during the period 2007-2016.5

Tractors without ROPS

Available data suggest that many tractors without ROPS are still in use. In 2011, the most recent year for which data were available, 59% of tractors in use were equipped with ROPS – meaning that 41% did not have ROPS. This was nearly the same as data from 5 years earlier, suggesting that the growth of ROPS coverage seen in previous years had slowed. The continued use of older tractors without ROPS increases the risk of deaths and injuries in the event of a tractor overturn.



Users must build and install the CROPS per the NIOSH specifications and must not make any changes. Any deviation from the published designs or the installation of a CROPS will result in the CROPS not complying with SAE J2194.  In the event of a rollover, the operators will not be provided with the level of protection established by SAE J2194.

The original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of the tractors were not involved in NIOSH development, design or testing of the CROPS project. NIOSH is providing its CROPS designs and installation instructions to the public pursuant to its mission to protect worker safety and is not offering a guarantee of any kind. Any user of the designs and installation instructions agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the United States government from any claims, costs, damages or losses that may arise from or through use of the designs and installation instructions. It is further agreed that the user will not by its action bring the United States government into any lawsuit involving the designs or installation instructions.

This information is available on the internet free of charge and Rops Certification LLC is only making it available as a informative service.